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HUSK UK was started in early 2019 as one of Huskee's UK distributors with the goal of getting the Australian-designed reusable HuskeeCup range into the hands of as many UK coffee lovers as possible.

HuskeeCups are made up partly from recycled coffee husk. During the milling stage of coffee production huge amounts of this natural waste byproduct is created - this is essentially the discarded outer layer of the coffee bean. Thousands of tonnes of this waste material is produced every year around the world due to coffee production.

The Huskee range was designed to be sustainable, as well as versatile. The end-product is durable, stylish and eye-catching.

You can pair your HuskeeCup with the universal saucer for at home use or with the universal lid for when you're out and about!

At the end of a HuskeeCups long life, they can be returned to us and we'll make sure they get recycled into new Huskee products - thus creating the ultimate closed-loop ecosystem. 


the Huskee Cup.

  • Huskee cups feature coffee husk as a raw ingredient – a natural byproduct of the coffee production process. Using this material makes the production of Huskee cups sustainable.

  • Keeps your coffee hotter for longer due to unique thermal properties.

  • Comfortable to hold, and the smart design means your hands are protected from the heat (no need for a cardboard or rubber sleeve).

  • Dishwasher safe and durable – designed to last for years even in busy café environments.


  • Eye catching and stylish design.

  • If you purchase a Huskee cup you are helping to recycle vast amounts of this waste material.

  • Whether you are using the cups in a café, at home or on the go we have you covered with the universal saucers and lids – one size fits all!


What is Husk?

Coffee husk is an organic waste material that’s produced at the milling stage of coffee production. It is the discarded outer later of a coffee bean.


By using HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee.

The benefits:

  • Repurposes waste material (coffee husk)

  • Keeps your coffee hotter for longer

  • Comfortable to hold & cool to touch

  • Durable & dishwasher friendly

  • Universal Lid & Saucer

  • Non-toxic (BPA free)

  • Easy to Clean

  • Stackable


End of life.

HuskeeCups should last for several years, but when they do eventually reach the end of their long life, please return them to us! We'll then make sure they get returned to the manufacturers to get recycled into NEW HUSKEE PRODUCTS.

This is HuskeeLoop - the ultimate closed-loop ecosystem ensuring zero waste.

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